Baca Manga Online Bahasa Indonesia "Full Metal Alchemist"

Edward Elric and Alphonse Elric originally lived happily with their parents. But because his father is alkemist (chemical engineer), his father, who named Van Hohenheim often travel outside the house, so Ed and Al just lived with her mother, Trisha Elric. Being too tired of running the house alone, Trisha became ill and eventually died. Ed and Al who was then still small, but has inherited his father's talent as alkemist trying to revive the mother. However, their efforts failed. Body of Al and Ed's left leg was taken as an "entry fee" for human transmutation is taboo in alchemy. Ed panic eventually move into the spirit of Al's armor for a fee of his right hand. In the midst of his desperation, Ed had an offer to become a state Alchemist (State Alchemist). after considering the advantages obtained various privileges so he could investigate and find ways to restore their bodies, Ed accepted the offer. Hands and feet were replaced with automail Ed. After that, Ed had to take the test and passed the state exam Alchemist Alchemist state as the youngest in history and got the nickname Fullmetal Alchemist. Along with Al, Ed's adventure began to seek ways to restore their bodies.

Baca Manga Online Bahasa Indonesia "Crayon Shin-Chan"

Crayon Shin-Chan is a cartoon artist Yoshito Usui (42 years), which depicts a Japanese boy named Nohara Shinnosuke "Shin-Chan" Nahara, age 5 years, was in kindergarten. He was an only child Nahara family. His trademark: a thick eyebrows. Character: very naughty, silly, full of curiosity. Sinchan portrayed as a mischievous child or creative. In every act which is sometimes very naughty saved creative ideas full of imagination. Sinchan sitting in a small kindergarten class zero. He had a friend named Kazao, Bo-Chan, Nene-chan.

Baca Manga Online Bahasa Indonesia "Yaiba" Chapter 110

Yaiba adapted into an anime series that spanned more than 50 episodes, and includes an adventure in the first Yaiba have some numbers from the manga. The event began with Yaiba training to become a samurai in the forest with his father and two friends of animals, Kagetora and Shonosuke. At the critical point, Yaiba father announced that he was ready to return to Japan, and ordered him to find his old friend and rival, who happened to be the father Sayaka. A samurai adventure named Yaiba Kurogane. Who knows how to be a samurai, and little else. Yaiba lived with his father, Kenjurou, in the forest. One day, when Yaiba are eating, gorilla troops came to attack. Yaiba and his father ran away and hid in a box, but they did not know that the box was filled with pineapples and will be transported to the city. In the city, Yaiba find that he is a legendary warrior and must fight evil demons seeking high school student named Takeshi Onimaru.

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Baca Manga Online Bahasa Indonesia "Anedoki"

Kisah tentang Anedoki adalah tentang Kouta berusia 13 tahun Ochiai yang bertemu seorang gadis misterius dalam perjalanan pulang dari sekolah. Ia bertanya kepadanya apakah ia bersedia untuk berbagi es krim dan kemudian menyebutnya cabul setelah memperhatikan dan bertanya-tanya apa Kouta sedang berpikir ketika ia sedang makan. Terkejut tentang mengungkapkan, ia lari menjatuhkan Student Handbook oleh kecelakaan. Setibanya di rumah situasi menjadi di luar kendali seperti ayahnya akan dipindahkan karena pekerjaannya dan jika itu tidak cukup menjadi sendiri, gadis misterius ia bertemu sebelum bertemu dia lagi. Dengan memberikan kembali buku-nya Mahasiswa dan situasi Kouta berada, ia memutuskan untuk membalas kebaikan bagi es krim dan yang mengurus Kouta sementara ayahnya pergi. Dia memperkenalkan dirinya sebagai Natsuki Hagiwara, seorang berusia 17 tahun siswa SMA yang menyatakan untuk menjadi pelayan untuk sementara waktu dia tinggal sendiri.